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Achieve peace of mind relying upon experts at Ultra Medical Transport in Greenville, SC.

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Non-Emergency Dialysis Transport

Ultra Medical Transport offers EMT trained employees to safely pickup and deliver medical transport and dialysis transport patients several times for weekly treatments in Greenville, South Carolina.


Quality Employee Values

Ultra Medical Transport employs well-trained employees who demonstrate compassion and professional treatment of each and every patient Ultra transports to and from treatment facilities.


Community Events Ambulance

Ultra Medical Transport offers stand-by ambulances for community events utilizing EMT-trained employees offering Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, First Aid Treatment, and CPR services.

Welcome! Ultra Medical Transport offers emergency and non-emergency medical transport, including weekly dialysis transport services. Dialysis transport is a crucial part of weekly dialysis treatment. Each dialysis transport patient achieves peace of mind by utilizing safe and secure dialysis transportation services by Ultra Medical Transport in Greenville, South Carolina.

An increasing share of our local patient population in and around Greenville, South Carolina now depend upon Ultra Medical Transport services to arrive and return to and from local dialysis treatment centers. This continuing success of Ultra’s dialysis transport services is directly attributable to the highly-trained employees providing each patient a compassionate and cost-effective dialysis transport solution.

Ultra Medical Transport publishes its Core Values. Ultra Medical Transport’s Founder, Dale Jackson explains these Core Values:

  • All Employees Must Prove Excellent Driving Records
  • All Employees Must Prove A Drug-Free Lifestyle
  • All Employees Must Prove Quality Community Character
  • All Employees Must Prove Skills For Basic EMT, First Aid, and CPR
  • All Employees Must Prove They Aspire To Perform Transport Services Promptly and Professionally.
Ultra Medical Transport publishes its Mission Statement, because each patient deserves to know exactly how they will be treated during each transport. Founder, Dale Jackson offers to list the elements of this Mission Statement:

  • All Employees Must Continue Their Education Each Year By Attending Training Classes
  • All Employees Must Demonstrate Their Continuing Skills & Abilities To Safely Transport All Patients
  • All Employees Must Demonstrate Their Daily Goal To Perform Transport Services With Excellence.